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  2. The days left until the end of the current Overwatch season are indicated in the game client. Season 24 will end on November 5th. Overwatch season duration. All the Overwatch ranked seasons have a similar duration, so it is rather simple to figure out when the next season will end. A few days before the end of each season, the Overwatch community manager shares on the Blizzard forums the exact.
  3. 5 instead. End-of-season rewards . At the end of each season, two tiers of unique items are rewarded: Competitor: Every player who has completed their 10 placement matches will receive a unique Player Icon and Spray to match the season.; Hero: Every player in the Top 500 list on their region and platform will receive an animated variant of the Competitor spray and two unique player icons; one.
  4. While Overwatch Season 7 is scheduled for 5pm PDT, in Europe that will mean a release on Wednesdaym November 1 at 00:00 UTC. If you completed your placement matches during Season 6, you will..

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Season 7 for Overwatch is coming close to an end. Season 7 is using the same season model as before. That means that before you can kick off your competitive career, every player must first level up to LVL25 and complete 10 placement matches to obtain their initial skill rating [Reminder] Season 7 ends December 28th 4 PM PST (December 29th 00:00 UTC) Belohnungen für Overwatch Season 7. Da es dieses Mal im Vorfeld keine großen Ankündigungen zu Änderungen an den bestehenden Systemen gab, ist davon auszugehen, dass Saison 7 genau wie ihr. For Overwatch on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled What happens when the season ends Season 7 of Overwatch kicks off in just over a week from now on Tuesday 31st October, and as part of our usual series of articles on what to expect from the new season of Competitive Play, we're highlighting the rewards you can expect to receive for taking part

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  1. Overwatch players receive their Season End rewards. The next season will begin after. Players will complete 10 Placement Matches before they can proceed to the next season. Overwatch Seasons. If you are new to this game, you might want to catch up on all the matters about the previous seasons. Here are the Start and End dates of Seasons 1-7.
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  3. As August comes to an end, another season of competitive Overwatch begins.Players will be able to choose between the classic ranked experience and Open Queue as season 24 kicks off in early September
  4. g after it is changing how players compete in Overwatch.. Overwatch competitive season 17 was the last one with a.

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r/Overwatch: Subreddit for all things Overwatch™, the team-based shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Overwatch. log in sign up. User account menu. 59. REMINDER: The competitive season ends at 7 P.M. EST today! News & Discussion. Close. 59. Posted by. u/secret759 Humanity Discovers the Bard Class. If you're grinding your way up the Overwatch ladder, be warned: the current competitive season ends this Sunday, February 25, at 4 p.m. Pacific. That means you have less than a week to attain your rating goal, whatever that may be. Alternatively, if you haven't participated in this season at all yet, you have until Sunday to complete your Placement Matches and earn your participation rewards After what has been a crazy last few months, Overwatch Season 21 will be coming to an end on May 7. This means that while in quarantine, one should be grinding as much as possible over the next few weeks to get as high on the ranked ladder as possible. There are no major changes that have been announced as of yet. But, during the latest season, Overwatch went through one of its biggest changes.

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  1. g to a close, here's the Season 3 rewards, the date Overwatch Season 3 will end, and the date Overwatch Season 4 will start
  2. According to the blog post, Season 7 will end on Thursday, February 28. So, players will actually get a full 12 weeks to unlock all of the Season 7 Battle Pass skins and cosmetics
  3. Overwatch's Season 18 will officially end on November 7th, 2019 at 6 PM UTC (7 PM CET). For American players, on November 7th, 2019 at 10 AM PT. Season 18 Changes. Placement games are now 5 per role. Top 500 per role now requires 25 games to qualify. Before queuing up for a match, you need to choose a role: Support, Tank or DPS. Each role has its own separate SR and Top 500 ladder. There is a.
  4. Overwatch Season 6 ending soon. By Matthew Rossi @MatthewWRossi. Involved in Overwatch competitive play? You should probably know that Season 6 is ending Saturday, October 28 at 5 pm PDT. Season 7 will follow in three days, on Halloween itself — Tuesday, October 31st at 5 pm PDT. If you're out to get your placement matches done and you haven't yet, you have until the weekend to get that.
  5. Beim Online-Multiplayer-Shooter Overwatch hat Blizzard die Startzeit für die 3. Season und das Ende der 2. bekanntgegeben. Außerdem interessant: Mit der neuen Saison gehen auch Änderungen beim.

Seit Dienstag ist das neue Role-Queue System in Overwatch aktiv. Um dieses ausgiebig zu testen, hat Blizzard eine zweiwöchige Beta-Season gestartet. Während dieser Season haben auch die Spieler Zeit, sich mit dem neuen System vertraut zu machen. Doch hat die Beta-Season Einfluss auf das MMR? Beta-Season dient Blizzard und Spielern zu Testzwecken Um das Role-Queue In the post, Mercer confirms that Overwatch's competitive season two will end at midnight UTC on November 24, and season three will begin on December 1.This is a much shorter off-season than the. Season 6 for Overwatch is coming to a close, specifically in 7 seven days. This means you have one more week to get to your desired tier before the season ends. With this season ending this means those who participated in this period will reward points based on their overall tier. No word on when season 7 will start That has been the case since Overwatch season 13's end on December 31, 2018. That would mean that we've got an Overwatch season 16 start date of Wednesday, May 1, which aligns with last year. Overwatch Goty Edition zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen. Große Auswahl an Overwatch Goty Edition

Participating in account-boosting schemes, wherein an individual is paid to increase another user's Skill Rating, is contrary to these values, and violates the Blizzard End User License Agreement. As such, the Overwatch League has chosen to suspend Su-Min Sado Kim, of the Philadelphia Fusion, for the preseason and the first 30 matches of the inaugural season Overwatch Halloween finish date and Season 7 start news CONFIRMED. Author Overwatch Date October 30, 2017. The Overwatch Halloween finish date has been set to coincide with a start of Blizzcon 2017. Blizzard have reliable that there will be new Overwatch news during a large event, that starts on Nov 3. The Overwatch Halloween finish date, meanwhile, has been set for Wednesday, Nov 1. It should. Mehr als 2,7 Millionen Zeilen Code bringen Overwatch zum Laufen. Die Architekten in den Teams für die Engine und die Tools von Overwatch sind die Hüter dieses Erbes. 20. Juli 2020. Erobert die Bühne bei Sigmas Maestro-Herausforderung! Ihr könnt euch fantastische, zeitlich begrenzte Belohnungen wie den legendären Skin Maestro für Sigma verdienen, indem ihr Spiele gewinnt und auf Twitch.

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As this season is coming to an end, the Overwatch League reveals their plans for the Overwatch League Season 2021 Roster Construction Rules. Overwatch League Key Dates. Sept. 14, 2020: Teams can prepare their Overwatch League Season 2021 roster. They can sign any free agent not currently under contract with another Overwatch League team. Sept. 21, 2020: Teams not participating in the Playoffs. Find Overwatch release date information and news about the pre-order. Watch the Official Overwatch(OW)trailer.Overwatch Countdown. Countdown; Preorder; Media; Overwatch now available. Get notified. We respect your privacy. We will NEVER sell, rent or share your email address. That's more than a policy, it's our personal guarantee! Order Select Store . Media Ready Yourselves! Images Made by. Fortnite: Alles, was ihr über die neue Season 7 wissen müsst - vom Battle-Pass über den Start-Termin bis hin zu Skins und dem Thema der Staffel Over 2.7 million lines of code power the tools that support Overwatch. The Architechs on Overwatch's engine and tools teams are the keepers of that legacy. July 20, 2020. Take the stage in Sigma's Maestro Challenge! Join the ensemble and earn limited-time rewards, including Maestro Sigma (legendary), by winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch. July 14, 2020. Overwatch: Cities. Competitive points are one of the currencies in Overwatch, similar to Credits. They can only be used to buy golden weapons. Players stop earning points if they have 6,000 unspent points, though they will still receive their end-of-season rewards. Competitive points are awarded to players who win..

Um in Overwatch schnell leveln zu können und XP zu verdienen, solltet ihr logischerweise viel spielen. Während ihr einen Großteil der Erfahrungspunkte. Season 5 Fortune's Favor should end around August 18. The Apex Legends seasons have an average duration of three months. Season 5 Fortune's Favor should end around August 18. News TFT Valorant CoD OW Dota 2 Ranks All Games About Contact Us Back All Guides Back All Guides Back Dota 2 Overwatch CS:GO R6 Siege LoL Rocket League PUBG TFT Street Fighter Brawlhalla Tekken 7 Paladins Apex Legends. Mehr als 2,7 Millionen Zeilen Code bringen Overwatch zum Laufen. Die Architekten in den Teams für die Engine und die Tools von Overwatch sind die Hüter dieses Erbes. 20. Juli 2020. Erobert die Bühne bei Sigmas Maestro-Herausforderung! Overwatch. 14 Juli. Erobert die Bühne bei Sigmas Maestro-Herausforderung! Ihr könnt euch fantastische, zeitlich begrenzte Belohnungen wie den legendären. With the fresh release of Overwatch's Competitive Season 7, I decided to test how the placement matches work first hand. There's been so many rumors going around regarding how they take into account your personal performance in the 10 placement matches, along with your previous season rating, and so on. In a nutshell, what I've noticed is that none of that seems to be accurate. How do. End Date: 2020-09-13. Number of Teams: 7. Liquipedia Tier: Premier. Links. Format . 7 teams are seeded into Play-Ins and Playoffs according to regular season results. Play-Ins: Single Elimination Seeds six (6) and seven (7) are starting in Round 1. Winner of Round 1 and seed five (5) face off against seeds six (3) and four (4) in Round 2. Two (2) winners of Round 2 advance to Playoffs.

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Overwatch's next season of competitive matches is scheduled to start on February 28th when players will be able to immediately jump into their placement matches following the end of Season 14. She concluded, The Arrow Season 7 premiere manages to both wipe the slate clean and nod in the direction of the show's early glory. IGN ' s Jesse Schedeen wrote, Arrow ' s Season 7 premiere kicks off the most significant status quo change in the series' history. Some of these sweeping changes are already working in the show's favor. He gave.

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When Does 'Fortnite' Season 7 End? In the blog announcing the new Share the Love event, Epic Games confirmed that Season 8 will start right when the event ends on February 27.The blog post says it. The 2020 Overwatch League season will come to a climactic end in just a few short weeks, however, preparation has already begun for most of the league when looking ahead to the 2021 season. With the constraints that the COVID-19 global pandemic has placed on the Overwatch League be it economic, systematic or some mixture of both, the knock-on effects will be felt throughout the entire league. Season 17 was one of the most unpleasant seasons according to players. But don't worry, this one ends earlier than usual and Season 18 should bring 2-2-2 which should radically change competitive mode

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Mehr FPS in Fortnite bekommst Du mit einfachen Tipps und Tricks. Gerade ab der Fortnite Season 7 wird stetig häufiger berichtet, dass viele Spieler mit FPS Problemen zu kämpfen haben. Hier erfährst Du wie Du die Performance von Fortnite Battle Royale dauerhaft und schnell verbessern kannst This current season coming to an end will signal the instantaneous start of Season 21 and the new age of Overwatch featuring a limited hero pool each week. It's important to note that hero pools will not go live in the OWL until March 7 and will feature it's own set of heroes banned each week. The OWL's bans will be more targeted at intentionally breaking up the meta, while the casual. We're currently on Season 8 of Overwatch's competitive mode but it isn't here for long. If you haven't already, get your provisional matches done to at least make progress towards a gold weapon Overwatch Season 8 will start soon, and it will feature changes to the way matchmaking works in competitive. Season 7 is over, which means Season 8 will be here soon, possibly on January

The season is set to officially end on Sunday, February 25 at 4:00 p.m. PT. After this date, there'll be a three day break for players to stretch their wrists, spend their Competitive Points, and get the salt out of their system. Season 9 will begin on Wednesday, February 28 at 4:00 p.m. PT. As always, the end of a season comes with some. Overwatch League Format. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Blizzard had to announce the cancellation of all homestand events in the foreseeable future. To save the season, league officials announced that all future OWL matches will be played in an online environment. As a result, an amended schedule has been published for the rest of the 2020 season Overwatch Season 24 - All About Rewards, Changes, End Date. Hey guys! Today I'm going to talk about Overwatch Season 24. Season 24 didn't have any major changes, however, I'll still write down the rewards and dates for you to reflect back if you need. Let's dig in! When Does Overwatch Season 24 End? Overwatch's Season 24 will end on. From now until the end of the 2020 Overwatch League season, if a team has a player retire, become unavailable for play due to COVID-19, or elect not to travel, that team may sign a free agent.

Since we are nearing the LoL Season 6 end date, we don't expect any delays to the Season 6 End due to Ranked 5v5. October 2016 Update: Riot has confirmed the LoL Season 6 End date. The 2016 season wraps up at the end of day on November 7—technically this means 12:01 AM at midnight on November 8 Overwatch League 2020 Season location: International prize pool: $5,000,000 USD start: February 7, 2020 end: September 26, 2020 Overview Matches News Stage: Summer Showdown All Stages Regular Season May Melee Summer Showdown Status: All All Upcoming Completed. Sun, June 28, 2020 8:00 PM. A new Season of Overwatch competitive play will get under way in just over a week or so from now, with Season 9 beginning on Wednesday 28th February. That's barring any issues wrapping up Season 8 three days earlier, of course, and getting everything prepped for the new competitive period. What's the start time for Season 9 of Overwatch though? Well, you shouldn't be too quick to assume that. Overwatch: Große Änderungen für Season 6 geplant Quelle: Blizzard 23.08.2017 um 12:00 Uhr von André Linken - Blizzard Entertainment hat für den Start der sechsten Saison von Overwatch einige. LoL Season 7 will end on November 7, 2017, and all players will receive various rewards from basic Profile Insignias to the real, physical rewards directly from the Riot Games. Remember that if you are the skin collector you need at least Gold+ rank to get unique Victorious Graves Skin + Chromas. JOIN OUR PROMO NEWSLETTER . We are making crazy sales time from time for our customers. It's your.

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Legion Season 7 titles and mounts will be awarded approximately two weeks after the season ends. Faction-Based Rewards. Don't forget—end-of-season rewards are based on your faction. If you transfer your character to the other faction, you must have 50 wins after your transfer to receive the reward and 150 wins after your transfer to earn. Apex Legends Season 7 Teasers Have Appeared, Hint At New Gravity-Based Character Seeing as we're a month out from the end of Apex Legends Season 6: Boosted, it's time for Respawn to start hinting. Overwatch's competitive mode has been a divisive subject for much of its first season, but Blizzard stated upfront that change is in the cards. Season two is just around the corner. Blizzard. There's a new experimental card in Overwatch, and it features buffs for both McCree and Orisa. This is big news, especially for Orisa's fans, as just recently, the tank got a significant nerf that pushed her back to the meta

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Now that you have the scoop on Season 7, it's time to talk about Competitive Season 6 Rewards! For this season's rewards, we're going back to one of your favorite Rocket League customization items. The new Wheels are some of the most detailed we've ever created, and their different colors should compliment some beautiful Battle-Car presets. The 'Champion' Wheels practically pop off. The Overwatch League and Jeff Staple Are Rewriting the Script on Esports Jerseys: A look inside OWL with L.A. Gladiators' Indy Space Halpern Dallas Stars forward Joel Kiviranta scored the last goal in regulation and the first in overtime of Game 7 to complete his hat trick and end the Avalanche's season Friday Overwatch League 2020 Season location: International prize pool: $5,000,000 USD start: February 7, 2020 end: October 10, 2020 Overview Matches (296) News (75) Feb 8-Aug 23 Regular Season May 21-24 May Melee Jun 28-Jul 5 Summer Showdown Aug 2-9 Countdown Cup.

Overwatch Anniversary followed by new hero release as Season 4 end date nears THE OVERWATCH Anniversary event will be followed by a new hero release, although it's unlikely they'll be launched in time for the end of Season 4. By Gary Jones. PUBLISHED: 07:24, Thu, May 25, 2017 | UPDATED: 07:54, Thu, May 25, 2017. 0. The Overwatch League will have a new format for season 3, including home games and new divisions. Here are all the details on what the new format will look like, and what fans can expect The Overwatch League Grand Finals have come and gone in an absurdly early morning bout that began at 0700 EST as the matches are being played on LAN in South Korea after NA-based teams managed to survive both flight and two-week quarantine to offer a decent competition. For the Philadelphia Fusion, it was a frustrating undertaking to travel across the globe to lose everything, but for others. Season 18 of Overwatch is well underway, bringing with it a slew of new and passionate players. Sigma is the latest hero to be welcomed within the fold. That being said, there have been a number of buffs and nerfs across the board over the years. As the game's hero characters become buffed or nerfed and players begin to find new tactics, the meta of Overwatch shifts and old strategies that. Pro League Group A Place Team Overall Record Points 1 Team Liquid 6-1 20p 2 Cloud9 5-2 18p 3 Evil Geniuses 5-2 18p 4 Immortals 5-2 17p 5 FaZe Clan 4-3 17p 6 Phoenix1 2-5 14p 7 Team Dignitas 1-6 7p 8 Splyce 0-7 6p Pro League Group B Place Team Overall Record Points 1 Luminosity Gaming 7-0 21p 2 Ninjas In Pyjamas 6-1 20p 3 Team EnVyUs 5-2 18p 4 Echo Fox 3-4 16p 5 Gravity eSports 3-4 16p 6 OpTic.

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Overwatch received a massive update recently. The patch was released for all platforms, and only for the main build of the game, not the PTR version. The update doesn't bring any balancing changes, but it does include bug fixes all across the board. We also got a new Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination mode for Season 3. All you have to do is hop into the game and enjoy the new mode. However. Overwatch Season 4 End Date Announced, Offseason Will be Shorter than Usual - PVP Live #OVERWATCH #新着記事 #Overwatch #be #PVP #Live #Than #date #Season #will #Announced #End #Offseason #Shorter #Usual. 投稿日: 2017年5月17日. XIM4[並行輸入品] Overwatch Season 4 End Date Announced, Offseason Will be Shorter than Usual - PVP Live 【PS4 PS3 PC対応】タクティカル. The End of an Overwatch Era. avalon . Follow. Sep 5, 2018 · 8 min read. Runaway face off against giants LW Blue in the semifinals of Apex S2, a game that would result in the famous 'Eye of the. Best Ongoing Game - The Game Awards The world needs heroes. Join over 40 million players* as you take your place in the world of Overwatch. Choose your hero from a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities. Bend time, defy physics, and unleash an array of extraordinary powers and weapons. Engage your enemies in iconic locations from around the globe in the ultimate team.

Nintendo Switch Online members will be able to try out a free trial of Overwatch from October 13. The free trial is set to run for a week starting from Tuesday October 13 at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST. Welcome to the Overwatch League, your home for all the latest information, news, scores and stats from the league Unsere Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App nutzt ein Hilfsprogramm namens Update Agent, welches dafür verantwortlich ist, unsere Spiele zu installieren und auf dem aktuellen Stand zu halten. Die unten aufgeführten Schritte können Probleme beheben, durch die der Update Agent keine Daten herunterladen oder installieren kann

So long, Overwatch! Emily Bett Rickards bid farewell to her beloved role as Felicity Smoak during the Monday, May 13, season 7 finale of Arrow , titled You Have Saved This City. Shocking TV. Overwatch Halloween event ENDING SOON: Season 7 start time and CP rewards revealed - Daily Star #OVERWATCH #新着記事 #Overwatch #Revealed #Event #Star #and #rewards #Soon #Season #Start #Time #Daily #CP #ending #Halloween. 投稿日: 2017年10月31日. XIM4[並行輸入品] Overwatch Halloween event ENDING SOON: Season 7 start time and CP rewards revealed - Daily Star 【PS4 PS3 PC.

The Overwatch season 10 end date has been confirmed (Image: BLIZZARD) Time is running out for competitive Overwatch players to make their mark this week on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Blizzard has confirmed that the Overwatch Season 10 end date has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 26. Season 10 https://wp.me/p8pxoV-S Overwatch League Stats Lab. Both 2018 and 2019 have one visible large meta shift that defined their season. In the inaugural season, it happened between Stages 3 and 4. Similarly, in 2019, there. Blizzard has announced the end date and time for Overwatch Season 4. The fourth season of Overwatch competitive play was started back in March 2017, and it is still underway, and as per the new.

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season 15 (45xx end) top 500 dps profile Discussion on SEASON 15 (45XX END) TOP 500 DPS PROFILE within the Overwatch Trading forum part of the Shooter Trading category. 03/27/2020, 00:0 It's tournament time once again in the Overwatch League as teams battle it out in the Countdown Cup, the last of three mid-season tournaments OWL has run in this coronavirus-disrupted year. The. Update: Overwatch's Lunar New Year event will have at least two new skins, as confirmed by the game's official Twitter banner.Moira and Lucio will get event-themed skins, and it looks like they're.

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The final three days of the third season of Overwatch League have been months in the making. At the start of the year, the novel coronavirus pandemic split the league in two, making it impossible. This week contains news about Heroes 2017 Season 1, Double EXP Weekend in Overwatch, Hearthhead Deck Guides and Diablo Necromancer pack. Warcraft Patch 7.2.5 This week in Warcraft, the big news is that Patch 7.2.5 will be released this Tuesday along with new events, class changes and more! Want to know how to prepare? Check out our What to Do Before Patch 7.2.5 Guide. Also make sure to check.

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Legendäre Helden aus Warcraft, StarCraft und Diablo wurden in den Nexus beschworen. Wählt euren Helden und macht euch bereit, in Heroes of the Storm zu kämpfen Stage 4 is set to change everything in the Overwatch League, with a new meta taking over: 2-2-2, made up of two damage, two support, and two tanks.This metagame is enforced by Blizzard, so teams. When the season ends, all teams have a short time span in which to extend player contracts or add new players. Overwatch frequently gets updated by Blizzard, but during the Overwatch League season, updates are limited to once every six weeks so the gameplay dynamic don't change too abruptly during the season. As far as equipment goes, each player is given an identical desktop computer. The 2019 Season of the Overwatch League is just upon us. Now with a total of 20 teams, there are more games than ever to watch during the season. However, this time around, you can catch some of. If there is one team you can never count out it is the runners-up of the first-season Overwatch League Grand Finals: the Philadelphia Fusion.This team often has a shaky season, but they always manage to pop off during the post season. Funnily enough, they were able to steal the first seed from the Shock at the end of the season and moving into the Playoff bracket. Let's be honest, the thing.

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Elementary Staffel 7 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 7. Staffel von Elementary für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere ausführlichen Kritiken zu jeder Folge. 32nd hero has been revealed, an omnic named Echo. Blizzard had teased Overwatch's next hero reveal in recent days, but made things official this morning with the drop of Echo's story trailer.

Overwatch Statistics for PC, PSN and XBL. Overbuff provides Overwatch Statistics for PC, PSN and XBL. Overbuff Overbuff. Homepage. Heroes. Roles. Verified. Rankings. Esports. Live. Blog. Sign In. We're still working on a fix for Quickplay rankings. Thanks for your patience! Player RankingsPC, Season 24, Any Role. PC. PSN. XBL. Any Role. Damage. Support. Tank. Overview. Primary Stats. Rank. Jay sinatraa Won's retirement sent shockwaves through the Overwatch League. Our writers discuss the state of the league in 2020 OGN Overwatch APEX - Season 1 results, schedules, VODs, streams, and news coverage Season Rewards are earned in League of Legends based on the Tier/Ranking (Diamond, Gold, Silver, etc) you end up in either personally in Ranked Solo/Duo Queue or with a particular Team in Ranked Flex 5v5 Twisted Treeline.Check out the new Season 10 LoL Season Rewards Loading Screen Border, Summoner Icons, Victorious Champions Skin and more using this Season 10 Rewards Guide

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Overwatch 2 builds on an award-winning foundation of epic competitive play, and challenges the world's heroes to team up, power up, and take on an overwhelming outbreak of threats around the globe But with season three just around the corner, Overwatch League has lost some of its best-known announcers. Advertisement Since the tail end of 2019, four major members of the OWL talent desk have. Rocket League Season Nine will Start on Start on 24.9.2018 we still dont know when it ends should be around january or february 2019. Rocket League Season Eight Started 2018-6-1 and will End in 24.September . Rocket League Season Seven Started 2018-2-8 ends on 2018-05-29. Rocket League Season Six Started 2017-09-28 Ends early February

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